Meet Mike Garlick

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John Soldo, SIOR

2020 – 2021

“John was awesome…”

Rob Martensen, SIOR, CCIM

2018 – 2019

“Rob’s enthusiasm and dedication to increase awareness of our organization through social media had a profound impact on our local chapter.”

Mark Gustin, SIOR

2016 – 2017

“Mark was a leader in developing the philanthropic effort of the Arizona chapter through his engagement with Junior Achievement of Arizona.”

John Soldo, SIOR

2013 – 2015

“Mark provided the vision, leadership and guidance that elevated our chapter to heights.”

Bo Mills, SIOR, CCIM

2012 – 2013

“Bo lifted our chapter event to a new level with his positive approach and creative ideas”

Matt Hobaica, SIOR

2011 – 2012

“Matt played a big part in representing the chapter at the 2011 Spring World Conference.”

Tom Louer, SIOR

2009 – 2010

“Tom was instrumental in supporting the SIOR foundation.”

Peter Douglass, SIOR

In Loving Memory 1949-2014

2007 – 2009

“Well liked and a positive influence, Peter was pivotal in the growing of our chapter.”

Phil Breidenbach, SIOR

2004 – 2005

“A proven leader, Phil worked tirelessly to improve and grow our Arizona Chapter”

Carl Johnson, SIOR

2002 – 2003

“Known to be a true leader in the CRE industry.”

Lance Ross, SIOR


“Lance brought years of experience to guide the chapter into the next growth phase..”

Rob Glaser, SIOR

1999 – 2000

“Rob is known for being a trusted leader and loyal supporter of SIOR. ”


There are many benefits associated with being a Corporate Sponsor of the Arizona SIOR Chapter.